Easy Sizing General Availability

The SolarCalc has been in use at D&S for little over an year and so far it has 467 users and about 890 reports have been generated on the system from over 3,800 sessions. Below are a few highlights from the system

  • Over 650 Pumps - Number of pumps in the 890 reports
  • 600 Inverters - Number of Inverters in the 890 reports
  • Over 20,000 Solar panels - number of Solar panels / modules in the reports, that total to about 5.6MW of Power.
  • Dakar - The furthest point that a report has been generated
  • 360m - Deepest borehole that a report has been generated for.

To make sizing faster and better, we have plannned a number of initiatives that will be rolled out in the coming days and weeks such as better integration with BC / CRM to generate quotes, Integration of the SolarCalc into the D&S FLO, Improved Irradiation accuracy, Allow visibility of reports to managers on Power BI etc, a stand alone app that will be available for engineers to ease use in the field.

This will culminate in granting Public access to the SolarCalc though with strict usage monitoring.

In the meantime, in addition to fixing a few bugs on the system, we developed a section that that will allow users to easily size an AC solution by inputting just the Head and Delivery (Click here to view), though with still the option of selecting specific Panels or varying the Oversizing factor.

To improve the general user experience, we have changed the way users log in. We removed the redirection / pop up window that would appear which enabled D&S staff to log in using their work credentials. To use the new system just input your normal work email and password in the login page and click on sign in / login. If this doesn't work, kindly clear your cache and retry.

Incase you face any issues, kindly log it on the helpdesk or respond via Email or Teams and we shall sort you out.

We also plan on making the Sunverter3 the default Inverter once it is available in Stock though it is already incorporated into the Solar Calc.

You can access archived / past updates here